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Monday, June 6, 2016

What is God?

I used the term "What" instead of "Who" in the heading because I don't believe that God has a sex. Call God whatever sex you wish as it really doesn't matter. What follows is my belief as to what God is. Understand that it may not be yours, and that's fine too.

God is energy. Everything is energy - there is nothing that is not energy. Energy surrounds us, is in us, is us. Energy is without time - it has always existed and will always exist. Energy is a recording medium - it has intelligence. Energy is the primal creative force of All That Is.

As creators of our own Universe we define what we understand God to be. In my Universe God is an all loving spiritual energy which can be best described by the word "Love". Think of any positive word you like and they are all a definition of love. We are all "servants" of this energy called God in some way.

This energy is so powerful that even bad situations are turned for the good. We strengthen our relationship to this energy by our attention to it. Living a God centred life, that is, focusing on a positive God centred outcome and not a "me" centred outcome. All is well.

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