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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Two Teams and One Group

I see the world as being divided into 2 very distinct camps or teams if you like. One team is the Positives and the other team is the Negatives. There is, of course, another group who are in the process of changing from one team to the other. This is actually quite a large group.

I believe that Jesus was one of many messengers sent by God to awaken us to this world format of the two teams and to show us how, by living in a certain way, we can transfer from the Negatives (the loser team) to the Positives (the Heaven team). We swap teams by intentionally swapping the way we think, speak, and as a result, act. It takes effort. The more people who join the Positives the closer we come to obtaining a Heaven on Earth scenario.

So, is your glass half full - or half empty?

Today's affirmation: "I work with the grain of the Universe. I get results in harmonious, happy and effective living".

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